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Introducing one of Canada's fastest growing manufactuers. The all new 2020 patent designed Star 4 Nano High bay Light. With a much slimmer driver and mold. it is much easier to work with and produces alot of lighting with its 120 Degree beam angle. Versitility is key. Which is why we have incoorporated the dimming option (+/-) wiring option available on all standar models. Furthermore, we have incoorporated a 120/347 optional wiring integrated spec in the driver. Making it compatible with both volatges without having to change the internal wiring modules. 


This light also comes with integrated attachements, such as :


  • Infared Motion detection module 
  • Emergency Back up Module 


These can be purchased separately and mounted onto the center of the base of the light fixture. 


Apply these state of the art highbays on the following: 

• Warehouse

• Stadiums

• Factories

• Supermarket

• Logiscs Center

• Exhibion Halls


And Much , Much More! 


The Star 4 Nano by ELS Canada is  cUL Listed and complies with CSA Standards 

The Star 4 Nano is also DLC Approved -  Which is certified to apply for governemnt rebates through your local utility office and certified electrical contractors. 




  • 2020 Nano-Slim Patent Mold Design 
  • AC120/347V Optional Settings and optional Dimming capabilities 
  • High Efficiency 150Watts / 22,500 Lumens  or 200Watts at 28,600 Lumens 
  • High Power Factor, Low THD Driver with a built-in 4KV Surge Protector 
  • IP66 Waterproof, Dustproof, Corrosion / Rust-Proof / Vapor Tight 
  • Operating Temperatures:  -40℃~45℃
  • ELS Canada's 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty 

ELS Canada - Star 4 Nano 120/347V High Bay

C$327.90 Regular Price
C$189.99Sale Price
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