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Elite Lighting Supply Co. Welcomes you to the ultimate discounted wholesale lighting section.

Our mission is to simplify larger scale projects down to each unit. The larger the quantity the more you SAVE! 

Our top seller this year is ELS ultra-Thin LED Pot lights:

4" Pot Lighting Bulk Distribution Packages:

SKU#  200678


-100 4” 3000k- 4000k - 5000k pot lights = $9.99CAD/pot

-1000 4” 3000k- 4000K- 5000k pot lights = $9.20CAD/pot

-5000< 4” 3000k - 4000k -5000k pot lights =$8.00CAD/pot


6” Pot Lighting Bulk Distribution Packages:

SKU#  150236


-100 6” 3000k-5000k pot lights = 14.20/pot

-1000 6” 3000k - 4000k -5000k pot lights = 13.99/pot

-5000 < 6” 3000k- 4000k - 5000k pot lights = 12.99/pot


5 Year Hassle-Free Warranty!


We encourage you to simply contact our customer service and fill in the mandatory fields as shown below:

- Company Name 

-City/ State/Province/Country 

-Name (first name is adequate)


-Valid contact information

-SKU Number of the item you wish to purchase in bulk

Once you have click send, one of our account specialist will be more than happy to assist you with your lighting needs.

Thanks! Our account specialist will be with you shortly....

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