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Our Rustic Chandelier is the best faux antler chandelier available on the market. We have taken our replication process from our other rustic decor items and matched the authentic finish. Real antlers are used to model the reproduction for an exact and comparable result. The process to create the antler chandeliers uses a time proven, cast resin system to ensure perfection in every piece. We have hand-stained and antiqued each antler to achieve the exact comparable match to the real antler. Bring the perfect rustic decor to your home, cabin, office,dining room tables, living rooms, offices, or anywhere you want to hang them to create the perfect, natural look in any room.


  • This is the use of resin and iron made of antler-style ceiling lamps, with a traditional retro style. So that the surrounding atmosphere appears to be unique.
  • Recommended to put in the living room, bars, cafes, restaurants and other places, so that his light to bring you a color, so that the surrounding become more warm and romantic
  • With a one-meter adjustable adjustable chain, can help you put it in his position.And the celestial cap(Diameter130mm* H30mm) to make this chandelier not because of monotony and no sense of coordination
  • Dimensions D820 * H450MM. weight 5.5kg.With assembly instructions.It is a simple assembly steps to you
  • The item comes without bulbs?But you can buy your own favorite light bulb, making it more in line with your favorite

Deer Horn E12 Bulb 6-Light Iron Resin Industrial Retro Droplight Pendant

SKU: AD664492
C$449.60 Regular Price
C$349.99Sale Price
  • Product type:1027C-6 
    Light bulb*6:E12 
    Lighting range:15-35 cubic meters 
    Weight: 5.5kg 
    E12 lamp holder: 3 points 27 teeth*H80mm (12050418 202C CE) black lamp holder 
    Black and white lines: black and white line length 400mm (E211936 AWM 1015 18AWG VW-1 105C 600V AWM A FT1 105C 600V 18AWGJIN CHANG DA -LF-) one end of the stick tin 8mm the other half of stripping 15mm 
    SPT-1 two core line X1: SPT-1 two core line length 1500 (UL SPT-1 2 * 0.824mm2 18AWG VW-1 105C 300V) two split 50mm brown 
    Bare copper ground wire x1: Bare copper ground wire 1.5 m long One end is Diameter10mm terminal 
    Antlers: 240 * 355mm embedded Diameter9.3 * 265 * 10 * 15mm metal elbow antique (see sample) resin 
    Junction box x1: Diameter100 * H50mm Edge Diameter80 * 35mm junction box with six holes embedded 
    Hexagonal arc-shaped iron X1: 14mm on the edge of 3 teeth 27 * H25mm iron multicolored 
    Hanging chain X1: W21 * 48 * 500mm T = 4mm iron 
    Lifting ring X1: Diameter17 * 36 * H43mm T = 5.5mm within 3 minutes 27 teeth zinc alloy 
    Cover: Diameter130 * H30mm resin 
    Crystal rings: outside M21 * within 3 minutes 27 teeth * H44mm zinc alloy 
    Wiring cap X3: Y1 Plastic red

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