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The 10 Bronze/White Canadian Gooseneck Barn Light is a powerful LED light that offers a combination of tasteful vintage decor and bright convenient lighting Each light measures 10 across and can easily be mounted on a wall or above a sign to provide illumination wherever you need it These lights come equipped with a dusktodawn photocell sensor With this sensor you wont need to worry about wasting electricity or wearing your light out with excessive use The sensor will activate the light when necessary and shut it off when youre through with your work.


The heads on the 10 Bronze/White Gooseneck Barn Light can be adjusted within a 210 degree range of motion to position the light precisely where you need it This concentrated light source constitutes the highest level of convenience and ease when using it This light is specially designed for durability and is a great option for wet areas and humid climates.


The lights have a wide temperature operation range and can operate effectively between 40 degrees and 131 degrees Fahrenheit These 10 gooseneck lights are a great combination of convenience and aesthetic appeal With their oldfashioned simple design these lights add a rustic flair to the interior or exterior of a barn or home These lights are simple to mount on any wall and can be used on porches decks walkways or anywhere else you want this LED light Each of these ASD Lighting gooseneck lamps is Energy Star Rated and is a great longterm lighting investment.


  • ✔ OLDFASHIONED GOOSENECK BARN LIGHT FIXTURE – This 10 White Gooseneck Barn Light by ASD Lighting provides bright white light for barns or farmhouses both on the interior or the exterior These barn lighting fixtures offer an oldfashioned aesthetic to your barn whether they are placed inside or used in an outdoor placement
  • ✔ LED BARN LIGHT DUSKTODAWN SENSOR – These bright white lighting lamps are great for use not only in or on barns but in homes on porches or even on walkways for consistent illumination no matter where you need it Each of these light lamps comes with a dusktodawn photocell sensor to ensure that you will always have light where you need it and when you need it
  • ✔ LED BARN LIGHT – These 10 White Gooseneck Barn Lights by ASD Lighting use the very latest in LED technology to give you a strong bright white light for various locations including homes and barns or even over signs and boards Our LED bulbs are built to last and are suitable for use in wet or humid environments
  • ✔ VERSATILE PLACEMENT – These 10 White Gooseneck Barn Lights by ASD Lighting are a great option for anywhere in your home or on your property They can be mounted anywhere—even in an industrial or business setting if need be Unlike a wall sconce or recessed lights these lights have a fully adjustable swivel neck so they can be positioned to direct the light wherever you need it most
  • ✔ GREAT AESTHETIC APPEAL – Our lights come in both white and a darker bronze color increasing your options for integration when it comes to varied interior and exterior designs and color schemes With these lights you can add a rustic vintage flair to your decor with the assurance of a good longterm lighting investment
  • ✔Elite's 14 Day Money back Guarantee!
  • ✔2 Year Warranty!



Canada Gooseneck- ASD | 10-14" Gooseneck LED With Built-in Dusk to Dawn Sensor

SKU: ASD-CGN-10-14-I
C$411.77 Regular Price
C$277.47Sale Price
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