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Smartika is a new technology that conveniently keeps you connected to your home in a whole new light. Our smart home products include lighting, climate control and accessories. With its three-way control technology – conventional, remote or smart – anyone can easily use them.



When the devices are connected to the hub, all automated and remote functions are available on the free Smartika app.

Create your personalized home: Take control by grouping your devices, creating scenes, programming automation and activating geofencing.



With Alexa and compatible devices, you can control lighting products using your voice, smartphone, or tablet.

"Alexa, turn off the lights in the kid's room"


HUB Central control

Smartika rapid pairing technology

This unique technology allows you to pair all your devices with the press of a button (no pairing code and/or other complex operation)

The SmartikaMesh network

Autonomy: Basic functions of your smart home work even when your internet is down

Range: Each device acts as a signal repeater. This means all your products communicate directly between themselves allowing your smart home network to have a communication up to 5 times greater than Wi-Fi.

Security: Smartika HUB has military-grade encryption making your smart home ultra-secure.



Smartika Hub - Smart Home controls system - Amazon Echo Compatible

C$89.99 Regular Price
C$69.99Sale Price
    • When your Smartika devices are connected to the Smartika hub, create scenes, set automations such as scheduling and geolocation settings
    • Control your Smartika devices and receive notifications, anywhere in the world, with the free Smartika app
    • Energy and cost-efficient, fully reliable
    • Power: in-wall 5v power adapter/requirements: internet-connected router with an available Ethernet port
    • Compatible with amazon echo Alexa
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