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Introducing the ELS Canada Lighting New Retrofit LED Lighting Kit with 24V DC Power and Integrated IR Sensor!


Illuminate your cabinet drawers like never before with our cutting-edge LED lighting solution. The ELS Canada Lighting Retrofit Kit is designed to revolutionize your storage spaces, providing enhanced visibility and convenience with its seamless installation and innovative features.

The heart of this kit lies in its energy-efficient 24V DC power system. By operating on low voltage, it ensures safety and longevity while minimizing energy consumption, making it an eco-friendly lighting solution for your cabinets.


The real standout feature is the built-in IR sensor, which takes your lighting experience to the next level. This intelligent sensor detects motion, allowing the LED lights to automatically switch on and off as you open and close the cabinet drawers. Gone are the days of fumbling around in the dark or searching for a light switch - the ELS Canada Lighting Kit provides instant and effortless illumination.


Installation has never been easier. Whether you have existing cabinets or are planning a new setup, our retrofit kit seamlessly integrates into drawers of any size. With minimal effort and no need for extensive electrical work, you can transform your storage spaces into brilliantly lit and highly functional areas.



Key Features:
- Energy-efficient 24V DC power system
- Integrated IR sensor for automatic on/off functionality
- Easy retrofitting into existing or new cabinet drawers of any size
- Effortless installation with no complex electrical work required

Enhance your living space with the ELS Canada Lighting New Retrofit LED Lighting Kit. Say goodbye to dark and cluttered cabinets, and embrace the convenience and elegance of this state-of-the-art lighting solution. Get yours today and experience the difference of intelligent illumination!


See Picture for Specs.

Retrofit LED Cabinet Drawer KIT 24v

C$49.99 Regular Price
C$29.99Sale Price
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