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These L shape connectors for RGB multi-Color light strips comes with 2 easy-clasp connectors and a 90 degree L shape PCB board. You can attach it with your light strips directly without any tools or wielding operations. The wireless design ensures seamless layout when you need to spring your light strips around sharp corners. They are compatible with both non-waterproof and waterproof 10mm RGB light strips. Installation tips: Open the cap on the connector and slide in the ribbon. Make sure the pins match correctly, then clasp the cap. For waterproof light strips, you need to peel off the silicone around the soldering line first.


*********To avoid electric shock and burn, please turn off the power before cutting and reattaching light strips************

72W Max Wattage

4 pin connector

Our connectors can support up to 72W. with supporting high wattage, you can not only use low wattge light strip but also high wattge light strip.

Great Connection

They come with solder on the ends of the bare wires so that made them even easier to work with.

Package includes: 10pcs connectors + 20pcs clips (2 extra clips as an Elite Bonus)


Installation Instructions:1.Open the clip on the side2.Slid the 10mm LED light strip inside the clip underneath the two contact prongs3.Make sure the side of the strip aligns with the "+ -" polarity4.Close the wire clip

L Shape Quick Connect 90* Angle Corner Connector LED Strip Lights (10 Pack)

C$24.99 Regular Price
C$19.99Sale Price
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