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IIntroducing the revolutionary 5 in 1 ELS Element ELSRMT-B3000 Remote – The ultimate solution for effortless and precise lighting control!


Designed with cutting-edge technology and packed with versatile features, this remote is set to transform your lighting experience.Seamless and Interference-Free Lighting Control: Say goodbye to frustrating signal interruptions.


The ELSRMT-B3000 Remote boasts an impressive transmission range of up to 150 meters with impeccable signal clarity. Enjoy uninterrupted control over your lighting, even in large spaces.



Lighting Made Simple: With 8 customizable channels, this remote empowers you to pair and link your lighting fixtures effortlessly. Create multi-zone lighting setups that work in perfect harmony. Group channels together to synchronize multiple zones with ease by pairing your remote to 8 different ELSWBT-C3000 Controllers!


Vivid Color Customization: Experience the full spectrum of lighting possibilities. Choose from an astounding 16 million color variations to set the perfect mood for any occasion. Whether you prefer warm, inviting tones at 2700K or crisp, cool lighting at 6700K, the ELSRMT-B3000 has you covered.


Precise Dimming Control: Fine-tune your lighting to perfection. Adjust brightness levels from a gentle 5% to a dazzling 100% with incredible precision. Additionally, take full advantage of RGB saturation controls to achieve the exact color intensity you desire.


One Remote, Many Scenes: Simplify your lighting control with the ELSRMT-B3000. Create and save custom scenes that suit your lifestyle and preferences. Effortlessly transition between scenes to set the mood for any moment, whether it's a cozy movie night or a lively dinner party.


Experience a new era of lighting control with the 5 in 1 ELS Element ELSRMT-B3000 Remote. Elevate your space, enhance your ambiance, and enjoy unparalleled convenience. Take command of your lighting like never before – order yours today and embrace the future of illumination!



– Where innovation meets illumination.


Note: The Combo pack in this product page does not include the 24v power adapter.  SKU: ELS-8A24VDC12V0

ELS Canada Element Series - ELSRMT-B3000 2.4GHz RF LED Smart Remote 150M Range

C$89.99 Regular Price
C$62.99Sale Price
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