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Introducing the perfect product to easily mount and place your new ELS Canada LED Slim pot lights for all new construction and or renovations! forget having to deal with cutting drywall hoping not to scratch the ceilings with hole saws! Electricians, please let the drywallers do it as this product saves you time and money on all jobs! 



1. Nail-in the mounting plate to the ceiling joist. Measure the position of the opening on the mounting plate from each wall.

2. Install the drywall on to the ceiling.

3. Cut-out a round circle where the mounting plate opening is located.

4. Extend the electrical wires from the power supply through the opening and connect to the C-style housing; push the housing through the opening (junction box first).

5. Using a #2 Robertson screwdriver, screw in the two screws located inside the housing can; this will push the clips against the plate to secure them on the mounting plate and voila! 

ELS Canada - 4" Slim LED Pot light Rough-in Plate

C$14.99 Regular Price
C$3.50Sale Price
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