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Introducing the 6-Pin 64.6-Foot Stranded Tinned Copper Extension Wire for the ELS Canada Lighting Element Series Strip Lights. This high-quality extension wire is designed to provide seamless connectivity and exceptional performance for your lighting needs.


Crafted with precision, this extension wire features a 6-pin design, allowing you to effortlessly connect and extend your ELS Canada Lighting Element Series Strip lights. The 64.6-foot length offers ample flexibility, giving you the freedom to position your lights exactly where you desire.

Durability is at the core of this extension wire's design. Made from high-quality PVC, it exhibits remarkable resistance to harsh environments. Withstanding a temperature range of -20℃ to 80℃, this wire remains reliable even in extreme conditions. Its high compressive strength ensures secure connections, preventing any signal loss or disruptions.


Furthermore, this extension wire is engineered to combat the effects of aging, making it a long-lasting solution for your lighting setup. Its excellent performance in corrosiveness resistance guarantees that it will maintain its integrity even when exposed to corrosive elements.


Whether you need to extend your lighting setup for a residential or commercial application, this 6-pin 64.6-foot stranded tinned copper extension wire for the ELS Canada Lighting Element Series Strip lights is the ideal choice. With its exceptional quality and reliable performance, it ensures that your lighting system operates seamlessly, providing optimal illumination for any space.


Invest in this top-tier extension wire today and experience the convenience, durability, and exceptional performance it brings to your ELS Canada Lighting Element Series Strip lights.

22AWG 6pin 65.6FT - RGB CCT Cable Wire | Stranded Tinned Copper

SKU: 6PWC06420M
C$79.99 Regular Price
C$59.99Sale Price
    • Max Voltage: 300V(Commonly use for 0-24V),
    • Max Current: 6A, Max
    • Power:200W,COND.Resistance(Ω/KM20℃):60-80
    • Color: Black&Red&Green&Blue&White.
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